About The Colorful Orchid

 The Colorful Orchid's  experimental style of art really involves a lifelong study of art and  blending different mediums in new and unexplored ways. I crave learning  and exploration and pushing the envelope to experiment with  different mediums and pigments. I believe art should not be limited to just walls.  Art  should be enjoyed throughout your home in many different objects.   I have a degree and background in interior  design.  This background has drawn me to find other ways to enjoy art  in the home.  Once I found resin, I was hooked because it is a  medium that allows me to transition my art into functional luxury art  that can grace influential settings for years to come.  The Colorful  Orchid not only offers resin wall art.  I also offer my resin art on  console and side tables, handcrafted charcuterie and cutting boards and  trays.  When people see my resin art, I am often asked " is it manmade or natural?"  is it marble?  what is it?     One  thing about resin is that when someone sees it for the first time, they  always want to touch it.  I think this is because of the visceral  feeling of it remaining a wet and uncured, glasslike medium.